First Beer Festival?  Here is a quick overview of how it all works...

When you arrive at the location, please present your ticket (physical ticket or e-ticket) along with your ID, Cedula, Passport to gain access to the event.  Or purchase your Beer Sample pack at the venue.  ENTRANCE IS FREE, but a Beer Sample Package is required to sample the beers.  Once inside the venue, you will receive your wrist band, sample glass and your token package.  You are now armed with everything you need to enjoy the festival.

Don't rush into it. Walk around and take in the environment.  Talk to the brewers, ask them questions, get to know them, and understand their passion.  Then sample away.  Tell the brewer what you like, and he will suggest something for you.  That's what they are there for!  Most beers will require (1) BEER TOKEN per sample.  Some, due to higher production costs, may require 2 BEER TOKENS.  This will be listed at each vendor table.

Also, don't forget to enjoy our various Food vendors.  Pace yourself.  This isn't a race.  Enjoy the beers you sample.  Let them sink in, just like a fine.... well, um, just like a fine B E E R!  Washing stations for your glasses will be available throughout the event, as well as FREE Filtered Drinking Water Stations so you keep hydrated.

Please ensure you have a safe way of getting home, or have a Designated Driver come along.  We will also have bus options from Quito, Parque Carolina.  Medical staff will be on hand to address any health concerns. 

Event will run RAIN OR SHINE!


What Is A Beer Festival?

A beer festival is an organised event during which a variety of beers (and often other alcoholic drinks) are available for tasting and purchase.


How Does It Work?

The breweries will present their products at their stand.  This is where you will either talk directly with the owner(s) and/or the master breweries.  Sometimes they are one in the same.  If you are interested in a sample of a particular beer / brand, you need to present them with a BEER TOKEN, which are available by purchasing one of the BEER SAMPLE PACKS.  You present them with a beer token, and they provide you with a 4 oz sample of the beer you select.  Try one or try ALL, it's entirely up to you!  Each BEER SAMPLE PACK includes beer tokens which range from either 2 up to 50, and also include a Commemorative sample glass (yours to keep).  The festival will also provide various washing stations so you can have a nice and clean cup each time you sample the beers.  This ensures you are always tasting how the beer is supposed to taste, and it isn't mixed up with other beer flavors, which will affect the beer.


What Are Beer Tokens?

BEER TOKENS are used to provide you with a sample of your choice of beer in your Sample Glass.  A BEER TOKEN is good for a 4 oz sample of most beers.  Some beers, which have a higher cost due to their stronger alcohol content, or are a special edition, may require additional tokens.  However, this only accounts for about 2% of all beer samples.  The other 98% only require (1) Beer Token per 4 oz. Sample.  So, Drink Up and Enjoy all these WONDERFUL flavors!


Are Children Allowed At The Festival?

Of Course!  We love kids!  This isn't going to be some crazy get drunk event where kids will be in danger (your thinking of the After Party).  This is an event where we take our beer drinking seriously.  It's not about getting drunk, but about enjoy some QUALITY beer in a responsible manner.  We will have a designated Kid Zone complete with bouncy houses and trampolines, plus various activities for the kids to participate to keep them occupied throughout the event, all under the supervision of our staff.  This way, parents &/or guardians can enjoy the event freely.  We will have ambulance and security personal on hand at all times for everyone's safety.


How safe is this event?

Extremely safe.  We have taken every precaution to ensure this event is as safe for our own family and children as your own.  Thus the reason we are hosting it inside of a Private Quinta in a Private, Gated Community which offers it's own 24 hour security.  We could have easily had this event in a public arena, but we felt that it would contribute to factors beyond our control, and the safety of our guests was a crucial element.  We have contracted ambulance, medical, and hired private security to ensure if any issues do arise, we are prepared for any circumstance.


How Big Are The Beer Samples?

Beer samples are 4 ounces


How Many BEER TOKENS are needed PER Sample?

98% of Beers will only require 1 token per sample.  However, there are some, due to their higher cost ingredients, production factors (extra distillation, higher alcohol content, etc), or limited edition / special batch, may require 2 tokens.  VENDORS will post their token rates at their stands.


Can I Purchase Extra Tokens?

Yes, single BEER SAMPLE TOKENS will be available for $2/each.  Token packages will also be sold in 5, 10, 15, 20, and 50 lots at a package discount.


How Is The Parking?

Inside the gated community, NO CARS will be permitted.  Parking will be in the street directly in front of the community, which is ample wide and long.  However, we will be offering Buses from Parque Carolina for your convenience to try and discourage drinking and driving.  Take a taxi to Parque Carolina, then the bus to our event. 


End Faq