The COMPLETE History of BEER in Ecuador!

(Well, almost complete).

This is a work in progress, as much of the history of beer has been lost to time and poor historical record keeping.  Unfortunately, beer is not considered a cultural heritage in the country, thus, it's importance is not relevant here.  However, as we begin to uncover the historical significance of beer throughout the world, we find that it was used to sustain life & culture throughout ancient and modern times.  Ecuador is no different.

As we uncover more and more history of beer in Ecuador, we will update this timeline accordingly.  We will include historical pictures as well as commercial literature (ads, articles, etc) as we come across such findings.  If you have anything you'd like to share, please reach out to us!  CONTACT US HERE.


1566 - San Francisco Brewery founded in Quito, Ecuador

Fray Jodoco Rique arrives in Quito, Ecuador to preach and teach, and at the same time he brings the first seeds of wheat and barley, producing the first beer in Ecuador and possibly all of the Americas (including Central & North America - The earliest record of brewing by non-native peoples dates from 1587 in the U.S.)  The Franciscan beer was produced in the Convent of San Francisco for the exclusive consumption of the church and special guests.  The brewery still stands, and was in use up until about 50 years ago.  Plans are in the works to revitalize the brewery, and create a Beer Museum complete with a functional brewery, restaurant, and tasting room. 


1882 - La Ideal brewery is born (Quito)

La Ideal was a German owned commercial brewery, the first in the country, established by Guillermo Dammer.  The brewery was located in the old town (centro historico) of Quito, where García Moreno & Simon Bolivar meet.


1882 - La Campana brewery is born (Quito)


1887 - Compania De Cervezas Nacionales C.A. (Cervecería Nacional) is born (Guayaquil)


1890 - La Imperial brewery is born (Quito)


1900 - La Victoria brewery is born (Quito)


1913 - Pilsener brand from Cerveceria Nacional is launched.


1997 - Ecuador's first brew pub is born... Naturbier Brew Pub opens in Quito, Ecuador, by Brewmaster, Javier Carvajal.

Falco beer is launched, brewed in-house.










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