The complete guide to every single brewery, brewpub, and craft beer bar in Ecuador.
Updated as of Sept 24, 2017

Who's says you can't enjoy a decent pint of beer in Ecuador!  You just haven't been looking in the right places or asking the right people.  The majority of the population in Ecuador still have no clue that other beers exist other than those manufactured or distributed by the major brands.  Top on those lists are Cervecería Nacional, which owns the Pilsener & Club brands - the most popular beer in the country. Of course, now owned by SABMiller.  A quick second would be all the commercially imported beer such as Heineken, Corona, & Budweiser (which is now produced in Ecuador). 

The rapid rate of the Craft Beer Movement in Ecuador, especially in the past 5 years, is quite a feat for such a small country with a population of just under 16.40 million people.  Whats extremely impressive is the fact that nothing is local, nothing is made or grown in the country, other than the actual beer (liquid), and the labels for the bottles.  Everything else is imported from international destinations such as Belgium, Germany, or the U.S. - and with such obstacles, they manage to make some pretty kick ass beer (pardon the french), winning international awards from beer competitions throughout the world and even hosting it's own international beer competition (Copa Cervecera Mitad del Mundo - now in it's 2nd year as of this writing).

Please note that as quickly as each new business venture begins, another may end.  This list is updated as much as possible, but if you find a listing that is no longer relevant OR a listing is missing, please LET US KNOW in the comments section below.  This is a work in progress, it will NEVER be complete as businesses open and close on an almost daily basis.

Before we get to the list, please understand the definitions (as defined by us) of each listing:

A place where beer is made commercially.
This can be a micro or macro brewery.  However, given the size of the population, and that no brewery in Ecuador exports its product to an international market, 99.9% of all the breweries in Ecuador would be officially defined as Microbreweries (produce fewer than 1,800,000 liters per year).  In addition, of these microbreweries, many would be defined as Nanobreweries - which are very small operations (usually run by a solo or duo team), that produce beer in small batches.

A pub, bar, or restaurant that brews beer on the premises
Not very many in the country, but the few that do exist, also offer tours and such of their factories.  So if you see one on the list, and it's close by, stop on by and see how they make their beer while you enjoy a pint and some food and/or entertainment.  There are many bars which are owned by breweries, however, due to space constraints as well as permit restrictions, many opt to operate their bars and breweries separate.

There are many bars which are owned by breweries.  This seems to be the common operation for a brewery in the country.  Due to space constraints as well as permit restrictions (as usual, the government fails to keep up with industry), many brewers opt to operate their bars and breweries separate.  These locations are marked in RED on the map.

A pub, bar, or restaurant where at least 51% of it's beer selection is local craft beer.  This can be in the form of bottles or draft.
You will see these pop up and close down with more frequency than other listings.  This is because, a common misconception, is that it's easy to open and operate a bar.  Yes, it's very easy to open and operate a bar... the issue becomes longevity.  Many people won't survive the first few months.  Many due to lack of experience, or lack of maintaining a quality selection and experience for the craft beer aficionado.  We are a picky bunch.

Here you go... THE (ALWAYS a Work In Progress) COMPLETE GUIDE TO EVERY SINGLE BREWERY, BREWPUB, and CRAFT BEER Bar in Ecuador...



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