Ecuador has over 100 breweries, with it's core being in Quito, the capital.  In Quito alone there are more than 40 breweries, but that's changing as the rest of the country gets the beer bug and realizes there are better options than the norm.  We are compiling a list of all the breweries, brewpubs, and dedicated craft beer bars in the country.  For now... we start with Quito, Ecuador and we will expand from there....

Quito, Ecuador is home to more than 40 breweries, brewpubs, and craft beer bars.
Including the first and only Craft Beer Store (VIVA Cerveza!) in the Country.

Quito has a rich culture with micro beer, including housing which many believe is the oldest brewery in the Americas.  Yes, this includes Central & North America!  Scroll down past the map for a history of Ecuador beer culture!

If you find a pub or brewery worth mentioning and putting on this list, PLEASE LET US KNOW.

 Rojo | Red = Breweries
Azul | Blue = Brewery Owned Bars and/or Brewpubs
Verde | Green = Dedicated Craft Beer Bars


1566 - Beer is produced in Quito, Ecuador
Franciscan order arrives in Quito, Ecuador to preach and teach, and with them, they bring the first seeds of wheat and barley, producing the first beer in Ecuador and possibly all of the Americas (including Central & North America - The earliest record of brewing by non-native peoples dates from 1587 in the U.S.  The Franciscan beer was produced in the Convent of San Francisco for the exclusive consumption of the religious order and special guests.

1882 - La Ideal brewery is born (Quito)
La Ideal was a German owned commercial brewery, the first in the country, established by Guillermo Dammer.  The brewery was located in the old town (centro historico) of Quito, where García Moreno & Simon Bolivar meet.

1882 - La Campana brewery is born (Quito)

1887 - Compania De Cervezas Nacionales C.A. (Cervecería Nacional) is born (Guayaquil)

1890 - La Imperial brewery is born (Quito)

1900 - La Victoria brewery is born (Quito)

1913 - Pilsener brand from Cerveceria Nacional is launched

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